Substance Abuse Assessments


A substance abuse assessment can be provided as a stand-alone service. This assessment includes written screening and assessment instruments, client history including substance use, mental health and other contributing factors, as well as a urine drug screen. The fee for the assessment is $50.00. However, if the individual is enrolled in the Early Intervention or Outpatient programs of Our Place, the assessment fee is included in those program fees.


Urine Drug Screens


Our Place utilizes FDA approved urine collection cups and staff trained in on-site collection and chain of custody procedures. If positive, samples can then be sent to Redwood Toxicology Laboratories for confirmation within 48 hours of receipt. Screens include a fourteen-panel cup that screens for Cocaine, Marijuana, Amphetamines, Methamphetamine, MDMA, Benzodiazepines, Methadone, Oxycodone, Buprenorphine, Morphine, Tramadol, Fentanyl, Alcohol, and K2 Spice. Costs for urine drug screens are $20.00 on site and if sent for confirmation cost an additional $25.00. Urine screening for synthetic stimulants, and synthetic Cannabinoids is also available at $35.00 for each screen and results are available within 72 hours.

Community Based Education and Training


  • A service provider for Floyd and Clark County Schools Alcohol & Drug Expulsion Program

  • Community-based drug and alcohol education presentations

  • In-service training for businesses, employers, and organizations

  • Training in 40 Developmental Assets

  • Training in Living with 10 to 15 Year Olds

  • “Impact of Substance Abuse on Families” educational presentation

Employee Assistance Services


This includes employee/supervisor education and training, substance abuse assessment, urine drug screens and referral to Early Intervention or Outpatient services as appropriate. Written documentation (following HIPPA and Federal Confidentiality Law (42CFR part 2) regarding assessment, program participation, and discharge will be provided upon request.

Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Services


For information regarding Floyd County, please call 812-945-3400

For free resources to assist you in your effort to quit smoking:


Click the link below to be taken to the Quit Now Indiana webpage. 







If you think a friend, loved one, or an employee has a problem with alcohol, marijuana, or other illicit drugs, or you would like to schedule a training or presentation, or would like more information, please feel free to call Our Place at 812-945-3400. 

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